Maintain Your Trees and Shrubs With Our Help

Turn to us for shrub and tree care service in Solon & Cedar Rapids, IA

A lot of work goes into making your trees and shrubs grow properly. Leave all the work to Tompkins Lawn Care Inc.

We pride ourselves on offering top-quality tree care service, pruning your branches to help your trees grow in the right direction. Our shrub care service ensures that your bushes grow healthy and look beautiful all year long.

From pruning and fertilizing to spraying and treating for disease, you can rely on us to make your plants grow tall and strong. Email us now to set up a meeting at your Solon & Cedar Rapids, IA home.

Discover how we improve the health of your trees and shrubs

It takes careful practice to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best. Here are a few facts to know about your proper tree and shrub care:


  • Periodic pruning can train your trees to grow in the desired direction.
  • Each tree and shrub needs pruning according to the plant's specific needs.
  • Removing low branches increases sun exposure to healthy limbs.
  • Trimming inward-growing branches can help other branches grow properly.




We strive to provide the best tree care service to make your trees grow large and healthy. We work hard to offer the shrub care service that will make your bushes look incredible. Reach out to Tompkins Lawn Care today for the services you need.