Experiencing Problems With Your New Lawn?

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So, you just purchased a new home and you're living the American dream. You are filled with pride thinking about how rewarding it will be to have a nice lawn.

Your thoughts drift to the late afternoon mowing sessions to come, allowing you to get out of the house and away from sorting laundry or cleaning dishes.

Maybe you visualize having a summer house party where you gather with friends, play volleyball and grill, while everyone compliments your lawn. Life is good-you stand proud, drink a cold beverage and soak it all in...

But then you snap back to reality when your wife asks what's wrong with the lawn. It was green last fall, but now it looks dead. This happens to new home lawns for one reason, infertile soil.

That's where the team at Tompkins Lawn Care Inc. comes in. You can look to us for lawn care services in Solon, Iowa City & Cedar Rapids, IA. We offer everything from lawn aeration to lawn fertilization services. Call 319-331-9357 to schedule lawn care services today.  

"A few years ago I had major issues with my lawn. I reached out to a few of the name brands with little satisfaction. I was referred to TLC by the sod company who installed my lawn a few years prior. It was evident on the first call that Kevin knew his "stuff". The level of education he provided me and the time he committed to teaching me was immeasurable. The saying of you get what you pay for stands true with TLC. Don't be taken by those that hire the cheapest labor and use inferior products. Invest in a true professional that will take care of your lawn as if it were his own. Kevin may not be the biggest or the cheapest lawn care company, but he is the best. Give him a call. It will be worth your time."

- David

Keep your yard in excellent condition

A lawn is no better than the soil below it, regardless of the type of turf grass or whether it's sod or seed. Sodded lawns provide instant gratification but just like seeded lawns, they suffer without proper fertilization and cultural practice to follow.

Sod is grown under ideal conditions with organic soil, fertilization and irrigation. It's then cut, loaded and relocated to a site that is hot, dry and unforgiving. New home lawns suffer due to heavily compacted, infertile soil and the misconception that sod is already established and therefore needs little help. In reality, a lawn is considered "new" for the first 20 years - even when sodded!  After the first winter, the nutrients in the soil are often too depleted to stimulate growth, making your lawn appear lifeless and brown. Most times this is associated with "excessive thatch" but the poor color is the result of little or no new growth. Fertilizer stimulates shoot growth and regeneration making a fertilized lawn stand out above those with poor color, starving for food.

The situation above is very common. Every spring we receive phone calls from people who think their lawn died over the winter. They want their lawns de-thatched, aerated and over-seeded or even, fully replaced! Instead, we can save money and valuable time with a simple fertilization program. Our team will also recommend cultural practices like core aeration and proper cutting techniques to protect your investment.  Within the first month, you'll experience huge gains.....and a happy spouse!

If you don't give your new lawn the attention it needs, it will fail. Contact us now to learn more about our lawn fertilization services in Solon, Iowa City & Cedar Rapids, IA.