Our custom-blended fertilizers strike the perfect balance between organic and synthetic elements, prioritizing both results and environmental consciousness. Unlike companies reliant on chemical treatments, we believe a robust fertilization program is the foundation for effective weed control. Our natural-based fertilizers foster thick, vigorous turfgrass, leaving no room for weeds and reducing the need for excessive pesticides.

Lawn Care
Weed, Grub & Disease Control

Weed, Grub & Disease Control

At Tompkins Lawn Care, we’re your go-to experts for weed, grub, and disease control. Our lawn fertilization services bolster your turfgrass, making it disease-resistant, thick, and resilient in adverse conditions. Thick, healthy turfgrass will naturally suppress weed growth, eliminating the need for excessive chemical pesticides. Our skilled team specialists ensures your lawn stays healthy but we can offer pesticide applications when necessary to treat and prevent diseases..


Over time, soil can compact, depriving your grass of essential air, water, and nutrients. This can lead to problems like thatch buildup and weak growth. At Tompkins Lawn Care, we understand the vitality of aeration. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure your lawn gets the care it deserves, leading to lush, thriving green space.

Eco-Lawn Renovation

Eco-Lawn Renovation is a sustainable approach to lawn care that focuses on revitalizing and nurturing lawns in an environmentally friendly and organic manner. It involves practices such as heavy core aeration, sowing hybrid micro-clover (HMC) or Turf Type Tall Fescue (TTTF), using organic based fertilizers, and promoting overall soil health. This process aims to create lush, healthy lawns that are self-sustaining and eco-friendly, reducing the need for synthetic chemicals and excessive water usage. By improving soil quality and diversity, Eco-Lawn Renovation offers a more sustainable and long-term solution for homeowners seeking to maintain beautiful, eco-conscious lawns.

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Eco-Lawn Renovation Steps:

Heavy Core Aeration

We kickstart our “Eco-Lawn Renovation” with meticulous core aeration to prime the soil for transformation.

Sowing Hybrid Micro-Clover or Turf Type Tall Fescue

After aeration, we sow hybrid seeds deep into the soil, facilitating their growth.


The area is then carefully raked to ensure a smooth surface.

Final Organic Based Fertilizer Application

As a final touch, we apply organic fertilizer. This sets the stage for a vibrant and sustainable lawn.


Three organic based fertilizer applications will follow to complete the first year.

Ongoing Maintenance

In subsequent years, we recommend a minimum of our Bare Bones Organic Program which includes three based organic fertilizer applications annually, accompanied by core aeration each fall.


Three Reasons Why You Need Eco-Lawn Renovation

Eliminate Chemicals

Eliminate Chemicals

New home lawns tend to fail without a heavy input of fertilizing and weed-controlling chemicals, which provide little to no long-term benefits to overall soil quality. An eco-friendly approach can greatly reduce the use of these chemicals.

Reduce Water Usage

Reduce Water Usage

Grasses paired with inorganic and compacted soils require a lot of irrigation to maintain, especially if sod-grown and transplanted. Judicious use of core aeration and organic based fertilizers can produce a far more sustainable lawn, significantly reducing water usage.



The modern monoculture lawn is difficult to maintain, requiring considerable resources to be spent every year. Establishing a biodiverse blend allows plants to naturally support each other while also benefiting the soil, cutting the costs of yearly maintenance.

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