Lawn Care University
Expand Your Lawn Care Knowledge

Expand Your Lawn Care Knowledge

  • How we got here…
  • Protect Our Pollinators
  • Fungal Lawn Diseases
  • Moles
  • Nourishing Your Lawn
  • Fertilizer 101
  • Core Aeration
  • Lawn Watering
  • Mowing

Some Frequently Asked Questions to Get You Started

Explore comprehensive lawn care guidance in our FAQs, covering optimal watering, responsible pest management, effective weed and mole control, and eco-friendly maintenance practices for a lush and sustainable green space.

How do I know when to water my lawn?

Learn about the right way to water your lawn to promote deep root growth and prevent shallow root systems. Discover the importance of proper watering techniques to keep your turfgrass healthy and resilient.

Do I need Grub Control?

Understand the significance of grub control and its environmental impact. Explore how responsible pest management can protect not only your lawn but also essential pollinators like bees.

How do I get rid of moles?

Uncover the secrets to effective mole control and understand the relationship between earthworms, moles, and the health of your lawn. Learn how to trap moles efficiently for a beautiful lawn.

What is this tall clumpy weed that is spreading?

Identify and manage the presence of tall fescue in your lawn. Discover the reasons behind its appearance and what you can do to prevent its spread.

What's the difference between seeding & sodding?

Explore the differences between seeding and sodding when establishing a new lawn. Learn the pros and cons of each method to make an informed decision for your landscaping project.

What are fungicides?

Find out how fungicides can help manage fungal diseases in your turfgrass, and why best management practices are crucial. Learn how proper cultural practices can prevent fungal issues effectively.

Why should I aerate?

Discover the numerous benefits of core aeration and how it can protect your turfgrass from various risks, including weather-related challenges. Learn how aeration contributes to healthier, more resilient lawns.

My lawn is being fertilized too, why does my neighbor's lawn always look better?

Understand the essential role of proper mowing techniques in maintaining a healthy lawn. Learn how mowing can stimulate growth, create denser grass, and significantly impact the overall appearance of your lawn.

I’m against chemicals but these dandelions! How can I enjoy my property and still sleep at night?

Explore an environmentally responsible approach to weed control while maintaining a beautiful lawn. Learn how to achieve a healthy lawn that prevents weed infestations without relying on chemical pesticides.

How can I have a manicured lawn without harming the environment?

Discover the balance between enjoying a manicured lawn and protecting the environment. Learn how to create a lush, vibrant lawn while embracing sustainable practices.

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