Take Great Care of Your Landscape

Go with us for lawn fertilization services in Solon, Iowa City & Cedar Rapids, IA

For new homeowners, lawn fertilization is not at the top of their list but it should be. A new lawn will need additional help for years to come, made worse by poor soil quality. Tompkins Lawn Care Inc. offers fertilizing, core aeration and weed control services that will make your lawn lush and healthy.

Our fertilizers are custom blended using organic and synthetic fertilizers for the best results while at the same time being environmentally conscientious. While some companies are focused on chemical treatments, we believe that a fertilization program is the foundation of weed control. Utilizing natural elements in our fertilizer, we establish thick, vigorously growing turfgrass. Without room for weeds to grow, we can maintain a weed free lawn without the overuse of pesticides.

Whatever it takes to make your yard healthy and strong, we can do it. Choose us for all your lawn care needs today.


The benefits of getting lawn fertilization services are endless. Here are just a few perks you'll enjoy when you choose us for fertilization and weed control services:

  • Proper fertilizer results in stronger turfgrass that can defend against disease
  • Fertilizer stimulates growth to thicken turfgrass and recovery from injury.
  • Slow release fertilizers protect turfgrass during adverse climate conditions.
  • Fertilizer provides dense turfgrass to keep out weeds without chemical pesticides.