Owner & Founder

Since forming in 1996, we've grown a reputation based on superior services and unmatched customer care. Over time, our family has grown with a group of great people who make Tompkins Lawn Care Inc. what it is today. Tompkins Lawn Care Inc. is known for its aggressive approach and ability to provide results.

Your complete satisfaction with your residential landscape is our top priority. With accountability, hard work and attention to detail, you are insured the best results at the best value.

All of our services are done in-house, and we handle every aspect of your job from beginning to end. There are no contracts involved and we even offer a guarantee on our work because your satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Values

Our time in the industry has allowed us the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. Too often the consumer is taken advantage of because they lack knowledge specific to their needs. The consumer should ask questions so they can make an educated decision when selecting a contractor or the services they provide. It also helps to be aware of some common "industry practices".

Fertilizers vary in quality and the application rate can be reduced to improve margins. The low prices offered by company X are usually in relation to both the quality and quantity of fertilizer applied. This leads to a product that fails and company X is forced to repeat this process, looking for another contract to sell, maybe even cheaper than the one before.

Beware of company X selling a contract.
From the beginning, our focus has been to offer long term solutions for turfgrass problems. We secure our customer relationships the old fashioned way, by keeping them satisfied.

With constantly changing variables, corner cutting can lead to major problems. Turfgrass favors consistency and fluctuations cause instability. I do not believe in cutting corners, nature always has the upper hand.
Climate conditions are a constant variable that we can't change. Forecasting, planning and maintaining health and vigor are key to successful turfgrass management.