Question: What is this tall clumpy weed that is spreading? Answer: It's tall fescue, a hearty turfgrass that's widely used in seed mixes for vegetative cover in waterways, roadways and housing developments prior to new home construction. Tall fescue is a deep-rooted turfgrass that thrives in poor soil and hot weather.

Tall fescue can take over your lawn quickly and will overtake cool season grasses such as bluegrass. How do you fight this weed that's conquering your yard? Call Tompkins Lawn Care, Inc. We offer a wide range of weed control services, including tall fescue control. We serve Solon, North Liberty and Cedar Rapids, IA.


When your yard is infested with weeds, your first instinct is probably to use pesticides. But pesticides can be unsafe and ineffective unless used correctly. Contact Tompkins Lawn Care today to learn more about safe weed control options that start with fertilization and proper cultural practice. We can help you cultivate a beautiful lawn by:

  • Applying our proprietary, custom blended fertilizers
  • Amending your soil to promote healthy plant growth
  • Aerating your soil annually
  • Mowing your grass regularly to stimulate growth and maintain vigor

Get in touch with us today to schedule fertilization and weed control services in the Cedar Rapids, Marion, Coralville, Iowa City, North Liberty or Solon, IA area.