Retaining walls prevent erosion and bring a practical and appealing element to your yard. Enhance your landscape with a modern, rustic, traditional or industrial retaining wall. They can provide a place for a flowerbed or shrubs, and multilevel walls can add dimension to your yard. Tompkins Lawn Care, Inc. offers a variety of retaining wall services to upgrade your residential landscape, including:

  • New retaining wall installation
  • Retaining wall repair and maintenance
  • Retaining wall teardown and reconstruction

Retaining walls are constructed with a wide range of materials, from natural stone to standard blocks, and can be any height. We can help you install a wall that suits your property and lifestyle.

Rely on Tompkins Lawn Care for proper installation

You should depend on experts to properly install retaining walls because they require a solid base, appropriate drainage system and regular maintenance. Our crew can build a retaining wall that will last and will give you tips to maintain your wall so that you can enjoy it for years to come.