Below you will find some informational sources that we have found helpful for typical Midwestern issues.

The first step in control is targeting the food source whenever possible. Knowing the ecology, we have also been successful with baiting. Trapping is also effective but requires patience, continual monitoring and can be a battle of attrition.

Lawn aeration involves the removal of cores or plugs from the lawn. For this to be effective, proper equipment must be used. We use specialized equipment that provides hydraulic down-pressure to ensure efficacy.

To determine the most appropriate irrigation schedule for an established lawn consider the following: turf species; soil type; cutting height; potential disease and pest problems; local weather patterns; and micro climates. Over-watering is too common.

Control of Japanese Beetle Adults and Grubs in Home Lawns.

Turf grass patch diseases such as summer patch, take-all patch and spring dead spot are difficult to diagnose and manage. They are caused by a group of fungi known collectively as the ectotrophic root-infecting or ERI fungi.

Institute is home to the Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Association, Iowa Sports Turf Managers Association and Iowa Professional Lawn Care Association.

At you'll find tips and resources for keeping lawns in the best shape possible, using enough fertilizer, enough water, to keep lawns looking great and still stay healthy.

The Iowa Gardener, a free e-newsletter and associated website about gardening in Iowa for Iowa gardeners.

Laughing Mole

Laughing Mole