Have you ever wondered why your lawn needs to be fertilized in order to grow and remain lush and dense? Many people bypass this important step and end up with a yard that looks drab and unhealthy.

Fertilizing is important because it feeds the lawn nutrients that are not available in the soil. Your lawn needs fertilizer with proper nutrients to promote good health and vigor to ward off disease.

The frequency of lawn fertilization depends on soil type and almost every new home has poor, sterile soil that requires additional fertilizer to maintain the turf. A "new lawn" is any lawn less than 20 years established as it takes that long to build organic material that will allow the turf to utilize nutrients on it's own. Even then, fertilization is needed to maintain the required vigor to compete with weed pressure. The best weed control is thick, healthy turf and will greatly reduce the need for chemical herbicides.

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Proper fertilization requires the right type, frequency and application rate, so rely on Tompkins Lawn Care to handle it for you. We can identify the best fertilizer for your lawn, depending on its function and characteristics. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your lush, green lawn year-round. Contact us today to schedule regular lawn fertilizing services in Solon, IA and the surrounding areas.

Tompkins Lawn Care, Inc. will keep your yard looking healthy and beautiful with our natural, nutrient-rich, granular lawn fertilizers. Get in touch with us today to schedule lawn fertilization services. We serve the Cedar Rapids, North Liberty or Solon, IA areas.

Why is it important to fertilize your yard?

All soil contains weed seeds. When given warmth, water and sun, weeds will grow. This is nature's protection against erosion and pollution. The best way to stabilize soil and prevent weed growth is to maintain a thick cover of turfgrass. Healthy turfgrass will prevent erosion and acts as a natural filter to clean groundwater and helps to diffuse water runoff, allowing water to more easily percolate into the soil.

Fertilizing your lawn regularly will encourage dense turfgrass to cover your lawn. Call us today to learn more about the many benefits of our lawn fertilizers.

Is lawn fertilizer safe?

Fertilizer gets a bad rap, but there's a big difference between the agricultural use of fertilizers and pesticides and the use of green fertilizers in your lawn. Although some of the elements are the same, the use is entirely different. In agriculture, fertilizers are mostly applied to bare soil, this is the expressway to the nearest water source.

Here are three things to keep in mind when you hire Tompkins Lawn Care to fertilize your yard:

1. We use nutrient-rich fertilizer to encourage healthy grass growth.
2. When your yard is covered in thick, healthy turfgrass, weeds are controlled without herbicides.
3. Thick turfgrass will act as a filter to collect pollutants and prevent sediment from entering water sources.

So, fertilizing your yard is actually good for the environment! Call us today to schedule lawn fertilization services in Solon, Iowa City, Marian, North Liberty or Cedar Rapids, IA.