Japanese Beetles, Eggs, Grubs, repeat…

With each changing season Mother Nature has offered a new set of challenges. Challenges that continue to remind us all that no matter what we think, we have absolutely May+Bug+Grub+-+Melolontha+Vulgarisno control over most things. We need to set down our smartphones and rely on our eyes and common sense to make the best decisions.

The traditional method of control is to target the newly laid eggs with specific timing to reach a majority of the egg population, thus preventing the next generation of larvae.  The wet season and mild temperatures created an abnormal situation prolonging the presence of Japanese Beetles.  Attempts at control were futile against the extended cycle of feeding, breeding and egg laying.

We advise all of our customers to monitor their properties closely. If anything looks suspect call us immediately and we will inspect the site. If grubs are present an insecticide application will be required. The treatment is granular and will need to be watered in, naturally, by irrigation system or manually. This needs to be done within 24 hours of treatment for efficacy.

Animals forage after late season grubs.

Their meal lies beneath the sod.