A little about Tompkins Lawn Care

We are pleased to offer our service to many communities throughout east-central Iowa. Referrals have expended our growing service area that now expands North and South from Urbana to Riverside and East to West from Mechanicsville to Williamsburg.

We’re not the biggest company but this is by design. My competitors prove that the biggest is most often the worst. We’re not a price point company who makes empty promises and leaves you without any noticeable results. We are however, a locally owned company that’s growing the right way.

Customer referrals have expanded our market and customer retention throughout the past 17 years equates to growth without advertising. Our customer turnover per year is less than 1.5%. This minor blip on the screen is almost entirely the cause of our somewhat transient local professional community. We’re the best company you’ve probably never heard of!

Please check out this website and let us know if you have any questions.